Strong, Resilient. This is who we are. For 30 years we have been supporting individuals like you to achieve their dreams.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year- from your team at Moneytronics Bank. We look forward to seeing you at our & Ajao Road Office

A loan for your next Big Thing

New opportunities comes in all shapes and sizes. From moving for work to new business opportunities. There are times when you will need access to funds. We will provide you with a loan program that meet those financial needs. In short term liquidity, by striving to make funds available to you within 24 hours of application.

Simple fast Loans

Get Debit Card Within 24 hours ! Up to 98% Cash Withdrawal Facilities by Card.

More than 28 years experience, helping people like you

This is our patch, we have been here for 28 years. We have learnt more than a thing or two about lending a helping hand to individuals and businesses.

Helping Individuals and Businesses to reach their full potentials is what we do. Whether you are a Salary Earner, a Self-Employed Business person or an SME business, Moneytronics will partner with you to achieve your goals, walking by your side always. We guarantee it.

See our work

  • I am a transporter, and an opportunity to purchase a car for Uber was thrown into my laps. I couldn't resists it. I didn't have the finance but having approached the lovely people at Moneytronics, they came to my rescue with a very sweet deal that helped. I couldn't have done it without
    Inyang Monday
  • The representative helping me was absolutely fantastic. Not only did I get my loan but she also advised me of other products that could help to grow my business
    Serah Dokubo
    Fashion Designer
  • My Salary was delayed and the school fees were due. My kids would have been out of school this academic session if not for the timely loan I receive from the Bank.
    Anuoluwa Ope
    Public Servant